Box Truck Repair Near Annapolis

Box Truck Repair Near Annapolis, MD

Do you operate a fleet of box trucks for your delivery service, moving company, or truck rental business? When one vehicle breaks down or gets in an accident, you can’t wait long to have it repaired. Fortunately, with reliable, affordable services from Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair, you can get your box trucks back up and running. We are proud to be a leader in box truck repair near Annapolis with nearly 40 years of experience to back us up.

If you’re looking for a fair, upfront price on box truck repair near Annapolis, please contact us today at 443-524-3100.

Box Truck Repair Services

Was your mirror knocked off in a hit-and-run accident? Has the roll up door stopped working properly? Don’t worry—Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair maintains and repairs every component on a box truck’s body. Here are some examples of the services we perform:

Frame Damage Repair

The frame is a critical part of your box truck. Whether yours has swayed, sagged, cracked, twisted, or become misaligned in an accident, we can straighten the frame and make your box truck roadworthy again.

Cab and Roof Repair

Did one of your drivers forget to read the overhead clearance sign? Perhaps your truck was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and a tree branch fell on the cab. Regardless of the cause, Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair can remove dents, clean up scratches, and reapply paint to restore the cab to like-new condition.

Accident Damage Repair

Our skilled collision repair team can handle problems ranging from broken mirrors and lights to smashed door panels to damaged hoods. We have experience repairing fiberglass, aluminum, and steel sheet metal components to make them look pristine once more.

Roll Up Door Maintenance

The roll up door on the back of your box truck is the key to securing loads during transport around Annapolis. However, if a steel cable breaks or a coil snaps or loses tension, the door could stop working properly. Our box truck repair team can fix these problems and provide preventative roll up door maintenance so you can avoid issues in the future.

Lift Gate Maintenance and Repair

The lift gate makes loading and unloading much easier. If it stops working, everything is put on hold until the lift gate is repaired. Fortunately, the services from Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair are quick and reliable, so you don’t have to wait long for your truck to be restored to full working order.

Trust the Box Truck Repair Pros

No other truck body repair shop in Annapolis can match the professionalism and results of Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair. Consider the factors that make us a leader in box truck repair:

  • We opened our doors in 1979, meaning we have nearly four decades of experience to draw from.
  • We have the passion that comes with being a second-generation, family-owned and operated company.
  • We are well-stocked with all the right tools and replacement parts necessary to service box trucks of all styles, makes, and models.
  • We are Nationwide-on-Your-Side approved, and we work with all other major insurance companies for the fastest, most affordable repair work possible.

Request an Estimate for Box Truck Repair Near Annapolis, MD

If you want to enjoy the same care and attention you give your own clients, trust Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair the next time you need box truck repair near Annapolis. If your truck is too damaged to drive to our shop, we can help coordinate a tow truck.

To receive a repair estimate, simply complete our online contact form or call 443-524-3100 today and speak with one of our box truck repair specialists.