What You Need to Know About RV Body Repair

Are You Considering All Factors Related to Repairing Your RV Body? It has four or more wheels. It has a motor and an auto body. It’s your RV. Yet it’s so much more than just a big car. It’s your second home, your means of seeing America while protecting yourself and those you love. Therefore, […]

What You Need to Know About Heavy Duty Vehicle Body Repair

All Factors Related to Repairing Your Heavy-Duty Vehicle Body If you own and operate a heavy-duty vehicle, you already know that it’s a bit different than its passenger car counterpart. It drives; differently, likely requires different licensing for driving, and needs a little extra room for parking. Likewise, while some body repairs are similar for […]

Reducing the Costs of Fleet Vehicle Body Repairs

Can You Really Save Money? If you have more than one personal automobile, you know that you have to be mindful of taking care of each one adequately. Otherwise, the neglected one(s) will quickly deteriorate. If you own a whole fleet and rely on them to conduct business, staying on top of repairs becomes even […]

The Importance of Box Truck Body Repairs

Does a Little Box Truck Body Damage Really Matter? Whether you need to deliver sofas from your furniture store, make service and installation calls for HVAC systems, or help people move from former houses to new ones, your box truck is your business. Simply stated, you can’t operate without your commercial transportation. Therefore, it pays […]


If you’re a fleet driver, then you spend a lot of time on the road. That means, your chances of getting into a vehicular accident are substantially higher than the regular driver. But it doesn’t have to mean you’re not as prepared as they are. All fleet drivers should adhere to the following five tips […]


RV accidents are just as possible, and just as common as any other vehicular accident. They only seem different because of the size of your vehicle. Well, they are a little different; given this is like your living room getting in an accident. But other than that, there are just a few different things to […]