Box Truck Repair in Arnold

Box Truck Repair Near Arnold, MD

Owning or managing a delivery service, truck rental business, moving company, or any truck fleet requires relying on your box trucks for almost all daily operations. Even with routine and proper maintenance, trucks break down. Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair has been in business since 1979 and knows not everything can be in your control, unfortunately. When a breakdown or accident does happen, you need quick and reliable repairs to make sure your fleet is ready to operate in Arnold and beyond.

If any of your box trucks have broken down or need immediate repairs from an accident, contact Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair online or give us a call today at (443) 524-3100!

Arnold Box Truck Repair Services

Has one of your trucks been rear-ended and needs extensive body work done? Or maybe a mirror got knocked off while parked. No matter the situation, Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair has the experience and knowledge from being in business for over 40 years to get your box truck out on the roads again.

From scratch and dent repair to body maintenance, we can perform all the box truck services you need. Some of our common repairs in Arnold include:

  • Frame damage repair: Has your frame has gotten tilted, bent, or saggy? We can rebuild a damaged box truck frame back to full integrity.
  • Cab or box roof repair: We see a lot of missing corner caps and roof damage to box trucks. We have replacement parts and paint to repair cosmetic and structural damage.
  • Collision body repair: Drive your truck to us or ask us for help arranging a tow. Linthicum-Ferndale has the resources to repair any extent of damage to your box truck near Arnold. We can repair or replace a fiberglass, sheet metal, or aluminum box truck body, and replace the mirrors, headlights, fenders, and more.
  • Roll up door repair & maintenance: We can provide a complete trailer door replacement or fix a failing cable, a broken roadside or curbside spring. You can also stop by for roll-up door maintenance to prevent these issues!
  • Liftgate repair & maintenance: If your liftgate won’t raise or lower all the way or it’s broken completely, come to us for repair. We can repair and service rail gates, tuck under gates, retention ramps, and more.

Does one of your box trucks in Arnold require repairs, maintenance, or any other service? Contact us online or give our experts a call at (443) 524-3100 to receive a free estimate on your repairs.

Why Choose Linthicum-Ferndale for Your Arnold Box Truck Repairs?

Finding a truck repair company near Arnold that specializes in exactly the service you need can be difficult. There are hundreds of box trucks on Ritchie Highway and throughout the roads of Maryland, but few auto repair shops and commercial truck repair centers actually have the experience and correct parts on hand. Linthicum-Ferndale is part of the Nationwide On Your Side® Auto Repair Network and has the ability to service any model of box truck.

Since 1979, Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair has prided ourselves on being a family-owned and -operated company offering highly skilled box truck repair services in Arnold and throughout Maryland. We serve the area with a dedication to honest service and a passionate work ethic. Keep your drivers safe and your vehicles in excellent condition by letting us tend to your door, ramps, and box body damage repairs with fast, reliable service.

Contact Us Today for a Box Truck Repair Estimate

If your Arnold fleet needs box truck repairs or maintenance, LF Truck Repair has you covered. We are committed to excellent customer service and fair pricing, and our goal is to get your box truck out on the road as promptly as possible so you can get back to business.

Request an estimate online or give us a call at (443) 524-3100 if you need box truck repair near Arnold, MD from skilled, trusted professionals.