Box Truck Repair Near Silver Spring

Box Truck Repair Near Silver Spring, MD

If you own or work for a delivery service, moving company, or truck rental business, you probably rely on box trucks for your daily operations. When a truck is in a collision or breaks down, you can’t afford to wait too long to get it repaired. With nearly 40 years of experience, Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair offers reliable and speedy box truck repair near Silver Spring.

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Box Truck Repair Services

We offer affordable and reliable repairs on every component of your box truck. Whether your truck experienced some slight scrapes or major damage, cosmetic or operational, we can help. Some of the box truck repair and maintenance services we offer include:

Frame Damage Repair

To drive smoothly, your box truck depends on a straight frame. If your truck was in a collision, the frame may have swayed, cracked, twisted, or misaligned. We’ll work diligently to repair your frame and get it back to roadworthy condition.

Cab & Roof Repair

If your truck doesn’t quite meet a clearance, but you notice too late, chances are your cab sustained some damage. Whether the damage is small or significant, bring your box truck to Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair to get it back to original condition. We can make repairs or even replace the roof of your cab, finishing with top quality paint to blend perfectly.

Collision Damage Repair

If your truck is in a fender bender on a side street or a serious collision on the Capital Beltway, our body repair specialists can help address the damage. Our technicians have experience working on fiberglass, aluminum, and steel sheet metal, so no matter where your truck has experienced damage, we can perform the necessary repair.

Roll-Up Door Maintenance

Roll up doors on box trucks can be finicky. They can get jammed, broken, or refuse to stay open. This can keep you from unloading efficiently, preventing you from making all your stops between Forest Glen and Downtown Silver Spring. We can repair or replace your roll-up door to ensure normal operation. We also perform roll-up door maintenance to keep your door functioning as it should.

Liftgate Repair Services

If you unload heavy materials from your truck, you rely on your liftgate to get the job done. When your liftgate breaks, this can bring business to a screeching halt. We can get your liftgate functioning again quickly, so you can get back to work around Silver Spring. We also offer liftgate maintenance to help prevent breakdowns.

Trust the Box Truck Repair Experts at LF Truck Repair

Our knowledgeable crew of technicians can understand the root of the problem and address it directly. We don’t take shortcuts when repairing your box truck. As soon as you tow or drive your vehicle to our lot, we’ll get to work on repairs so you can get back to work faster. We even work with all major insurance companies!

In a collision near Silver Spring? Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair can help. Contact us to get an estimate.

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LF Truck Repair specializes in commercial truck and fleet vehicle repair. In business since 1979, we still believe in quality customer service and expert workmanship. Bring your box trucks to us for qualified repairs near Silver Spring by a family-owned company that will treat you right.

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