RV accidents are just as possible, and just as common as any other vehicular accident. They only seem different because of the size of your vehicle. Well, they are a little different; given this is like your living room getting in an accident. But other than that, there are just a few different things to consider. Your first thought should always be everyone’s health and safety. Check on everyone riding in your RV, as well as anyone that’s involved in the accident. After determining that no one is seriously injured, everyone should exit the RV, and call the authorities.   

Call the Authorities

Given your RV’s size, it may be stuck in a dangerous position after the accident or obstructing traffic. This is why RV drivers should call the police immediately. While you wait for the police, take all the relevant pictures of your RV’s damages that you can. Be sure to include any damages to the surrounding areas, your vehicle, or to anyone’s body. These pictures will come in handy if you are required to go to court at a later date. Try to avoid any extensive conversations with the other party involved in the accident until the police arrive. Do not sign any statements or divulge any unnecessary information. Simply take your copy of the police report. 

Call Your Insurance Company

You don’t have to offer the insurance company any extra information either. Just give them the information on the police report. Your very own insurance company may not have your best interest in mind. You should, however, exchange information with all the parties involved, including the police officer. It’s not absolutely necessary to call the insurance company until after you’ve called the police to file the report. You may or may not believe that the accident was your fault, but there is no good time for anyone to start giving statements or divulging information; especially before you have legal representation.  

Inspect Your RV After the Accident

It’s very important to inspect your RV as much as you can on the spot. Unlike a car or small truck, you can pretty much eyeball all the damages. An RV could have been damaged in ways that you are not aware of until miles and miles down the road. For instance, the RV’s hitch may be damaged and you don’t recognize it until it’s too late. There are a variety of systems that are unique to the RV that you need to check on. After you have all of your necessary documentation, it’s time to get to a quality RV repair shop. 

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Written by LF Truck Repair