Reducing the Costs of Fleet Vehicle Body Repairs

Can You Really Save Money?

If you have more than one personal automobile, you know that you have to be mindful of taking care of each one adequately. Otherwise, the neglected one(s) will quickly deteriorate. If you own a whole fleet and rely on them to conduct business, staying on top of repairs becomes even more important. While it’s important to be mindful of mechanical services and repairs, it’s equally crucial to care for auto bodies. Since 1979, Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair in Linthicum Heights, Maryland, has been helping clients do just that. Regardless of which type of heavy vehicle your business utilizes, we can help you with fleet body repairs.

Strategies for Saving Money on Fleet Vehicle Body Repairs

Just as you use a sound business plan to maximize operational efficiency and profits, so should you employ intentional strategies that will save you money on fleet vehicle body repairs. For instance, develop procedures that become routine for your fleet and to your drivers and/or managers. Specifically, create a written protocol that includes driver responsibilities regarding exterior damage and reporting as well as a daily inspection checklist for obvious vehicle body issues. Also, create a periodic process for examining lesser noticed areas of the exterior. Together, the frequent inspections will help you identify common problems such as windshield chips, paint scratches, and undercarriage corrosion. Catching such checklist items early will head off bigger, more expensive repairs later. Additionally, be sure to keep an eye on the autos’ tires. Although some people consider this a mechanical concern, it also crosses over into the realm of bodywork. If tires are wearing unevenly, you could have structural damage to the frame and/or a wheel alignment problem. Failing to address the problem can make the underlying cause as well as the tire wear effect worse. Therefore, it certainly won’t hurt to have tires on both mechanical and body checklists.

Your Partner in Fleet Body Management

Taking care of your fleet vehicles’ bodies is critical for multiple reasons. You certainly need to keep your automobiles looking fresh. Their appearance is a direct reflection of your business and can greatly influence customers’ perceptions. What’s more, you can save money by addressing any noted problems early when they’re less trouble (and expensive) to fix. Finally, allowing your fleet vehicles to fall into physical disrepair may increase exposure to legal liabilities. Surely, you don’t want a loose bumper to detach in traffic and strike another car, and a cracked windshield could prevent your driver from seeing properly, causing an accident. You can avoid such problems simply by relying on Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair as your trusted partner for fleet vehicle body repairs.

Written by LF Truck Repair