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Preventing Trailer Sway: What You Need to Know

Are you embarking on a cross-country adventure? Or are you and your family headed out for a weekend camping trip? You might be hauling a large trailer behind your truck whatever trip you're taking.

To stay safe while towing a trailer, it’s important that you know how to handle trailer sway properly. While this situation can be scary, knowing the appropriate steps will keep everyone safe.

The RV body repair experts at Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair in Linthicum Heights, Maryland, are here to tell you how to handle trailer sway like a pro.

Why is Your Trailer Swaying?Your trailer can start wobbling for a lot of reasons. Some of the top culprits behind a swaying trailer include:

  • Slippery weather conditions
  • Excessive speeds
  • Worn-out tires or low air pressure
  • The trailer carrying too much weight
  • Driving down steep hills

Regardless of the reason your trailer is swaying, you need to know what actions to take to prevent a potential accident.

How to Safely Handle Trailer Sway

If your trailer starts swaying while you’re behind the wheel, you might start to panic. It’s essential that you stay cool, calm, and collected. Be aware of your surroundings and slowly decelerate by letting pressure off the gas. Do not speed up or use your brake.

Keeping a firm grip on the steering wheel, keep your vehicle moving straight. Don’t try to overcorrect. This could send you careening off the road.

Use your brake controller lever to slow the trailer down until you’ve come to a slow, safe speed and steady balance. You can then find a safe spot to pull over.

Preventing Trailer Sway

To prevent your trailer from swaying, it’s important to ensure it’s ready to hit the road. You can do this by:

  • Evenly distributing your belongings and cargo weight across your truck and trailer
  • Using a sway control kit
  • Driving at slow, steady speeds
  • Not driving during hazardous weather
  • Maintaining your trailer’s body
  • Keep Your Trailer or RV in Pristine Condition4

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