The Importance of Box Truck Body Repairs

Does a Little Box Truck Body Damage Really Matter?

Whether you need to deliver sofas from your furniture store, make service and installation calls for HVAC systems, or help people move from former houses to new ones, your box truck is your business. Simply stated, you can’t operate without your commercial transportation. Therefore, it pays to partner with a few service providers who can help you keep your vehicle in great operating condition. These include a reliable technician for mechanical repairs and a local, go-to shop for box truck body repair. In the Linthicum Heights, Maryland, area, your heavy duty body specialist is Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair.

Body Issues You Should Never Ignore

As long as your truck is running, it might be tempting to ignore small cosmetic issues or put off larger bodywork projects. This is never a good business decision. We’ll outline a few common issues and the reasons you should attend to them sooner rather than later. For instance, any cracking–no matter how small–can provide a passageway for water to enter the interior of the box. Imagine the problem this presents if customers’ goods become soaked or your inventory is ruined. Furthermore, moisture can promote rot, damaging the structural integrity of your vehicle. Also, even surface-level issues can hamper your efforts to increase revenue. If your truck looks bad (i.e., has peeling paint, faded lettering, and/or scratches and dings), potential customers may not form the first impression you hope for. What you think you’re saving by delaying cosmetic refurbishment may cost you in lost opportunities. Finally, delayed body repair projects can greatly shorten the longevity of your commercial vehicle. As your truck loses its protective layers (clear coating, paint, etc.) the underlying components can sustain damage that might otherwise have been prevented by a more timely repair.

Help for Your Box Truck, Help for Your Business

Before you find yourself with significant commercial body damage or lose business to a competitor with a flashier vehicle, bring your box truck to Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair. Since 1979, our team has been helping local businesses make the most of their mobile billboards that happen to also haul cargo. After more than four decades, we’re still family owned. Even as we’ve transitioned between generations, we’ve maintained our commitment to excellence in commercial vehicle body repair. Thus, we’re interested in helping you whether you own a single box truck or an entire fleet. No matter what body repair your box truck(s) needs, we’re here for you.

Written by LF Truck Repair