What You Need to Know About Heavy Duty Vehicle Body Repair

All Factors Related to Repairing Your Heavy-Duty Vehicle Body

If you own and operate a heavy-duty vehicle, you already know that it’s a bit different than its passenger car counterpart. It drives; differently, likely requires different licensing for driving, and needs a little extra room for parking. Likewise, while some body repairs are similar for everything on four wheels, some heavy-duty body vehicle repairs require special consideration. Even establishing a repair location is unique to this transportation category. For instance, a suitable repair shop must be sized appropriately. This includes having enough external storage area, generous interior space where repairs are performed, and tall oversized doors for entry. Also, the facility needs to be adequately equipped with a crane, larger racks, and any specialized tools needed to effect oversized auto body remedies. Finally, the technicians need to be trained and certified in this particular automotive body repair industry segment. Because of these unique qualifiers, not every shop accepts this work. This may limit your choices as a consumer. Some of those that claim to tackle large vehicle projects outsource the work. If this happens, where is your vehicle, what is the quality of the repair, and are the technicians highly qualified? Instead of wondering, stay in control of your project by bringing your heavy-duty vehicle to Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair in Linthicum Heights, Maryland, for body repair, your trusted local expert.

Protecting the Structural Integrity

Your truck is your business, so it’s important to protect its structural integrity by getting high-quality body repairs. That will help it last longer, perform optimally, and prevent unnecessary legal liabilities. Remember, your heavy duty truck is not just a big car. It likely has a fiberglass and/or other lightweight panels that must be repaired differently. These may require a process of adding fibers and adhesives or accessing the rear/interior surfaces creatively to ensure a proper fix. Technicians with specific knowledge and experience will be able to make repairs that last. This protects your investment and keeps your truck hauling the load for the long haul. What’s more, it prevents potential legal claims that could arise from operating a truck in poor physical condition.

Time Is Money

Although it is of utmost importance to obtain safe, attractive repairs, it’s also critical to get your heavy-duty truck back on the road as soon as possible. Every day that your vehicle is in the shop is a day that it’s not earning you money because it is off the road. You may even be renting a rig. The staff at Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair understands the balance between impeccable and timely repairs. Furthermore, we save you time by keeping your repairs local. Visit us to get back on the road safely and quickly.

Written by LF Truck Repair