What You Need to Know About RV Body Repair

Are You Considering All Factors Related to Repairing Your RV Body?

It has four or more wheels. It has a motor and an auto body. It’s your RV. Yet it’s so much more than just a big car. It’s your second home, your means of seeing America while protecting yourself and those you love. Therefore, when you need recreational vehicle body repairs, be sure to consider all the relevant factors and choose a reputable, local shop that can handle the job. If you’re in the Linthicum Heights, Maryland, area, that facility is Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair. Since 1979 and through multiple generations of the same family, we’ve been treating our neighbors’ home away from home with the same care we would our own. Read a few of our online testimonials from satisfied customers. Then see for yourself why our reputation is solid.

Physical Considerations and Limitations

You’ll notice that our shop’s name contains the word “truck.” That’s important. Although your RV functions like a passenger car and a house on wheels when you roll out toward a fun destination, it is supported by a truck chassis and employs oversized supports, panels, and other components. Not everyone who attempts to make RV repairs is properly trained or equipped to effect sound remedies. First, a facility should have enough room to accommodate your large auto. This includes adequate parking space outside so that your RV isn’t at undue risk of being hit by other vehicles, as well as plenty of room for working on it once it’s pulled inside. The shop should also be equipped with proper tools. The needed items may be large and/or specialized to fit recreational transportation. A crane for heavy lifts is helpful, too. Furthermore, the technicians performing the work need training and/or experience with this specialized transportation mode to ensure that repairs are done in a safe, efficient, and cosmetically appealing manner. Shops that cannot handle such projects sometimes accept the work only to outsource it to other companies. This usually results in a higher price for you because there is a “middle-man” mark-up. Worse, you have little control over what is happening with your auto. Therefore, make sure you understand what the business can and cannot do before committing.

Additional Important Factors

In addition to the physical capabilities of a shop, consider the ancillary factors that might make your RV repair experience more or less difficult. For example, check if the establishment offers towing or works closely with a trusted towing partner. The quality and price of repairs won’t matter much if you can’t get your RV to the shop. Also, if you anticipate any portion of the work being covered by an insurance policy (yours or another driver’s), make sure the facility is willing to work with insurance companies (providing written estimates, speaking with an adjuster, etc.). Better yet, entrust your beloved home on wheels to Linthicum-Ferndale Truck Repair for all your RV body repair needs.

Written by LF Truck Repair